IGSSA is comprised of 10 Independent Girls’ Schools in South Australia – Concordia, Immanuel, Pembroke, Pulteney, St Peters Girls, Scotch, Seymour, Walford, Westminster and Wilderness.

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Scotch College is an independent, co-educational day and boarding school offering an outstanding education from Early Learning Centre to Year 12. Students are valued as individuals and we are committed to providing a holistic education, offering all students opportunities to develop their unique talents, and meeting individual needs. We have a culture of friendliness, respect and high expectations. We encourage Scotch students to be lifelong learners, passionate in what they do, be calculated risk-takers who look at things differently, problem solvers and critical thinkers, and able to work independently and collaboratively. We want students to care and give back to the community, to demonstrate perseverance, integrity and moral courage, and truly enjoy their life and work. Our students work with and respect each other, irrespective of background.


We offer a wide and varied sports programme that provides competitive and recreational opportunities for students of all levels – from enthusiasts to elite athletes – to ensure that our students lead healthy and fulfilling lives at School and beyond.

We strongly believe in the educational value of training to work as part of a team, competing according to individual levels of attainment, and the personal development that the process of winning and losing can provide.

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Carruth Road,
Torrens Park, SA 5062
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Sports Coordinator

Jarrad Schar

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