IGSSA is comprised of 10 Independent Girls’ Schools in South Australia – Concordia, Immanuel, Pembroke, Pulteney, St Peters Girls, Scotch, Seymour, Walford, Westminster and Wilderness.

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Sport is part of the fabric at St Peter’s Girls’ School. Our students take a range of activities in their stride, building confidence, strength, coordination, commitment and teamwork. Our talented athletes represent the School in many State and National competitions, elevating their skills and experience to the next level.


Our core values of courage, creativity and compassion are manifested in all areas of our students’ schooling, particularly in their sporting and co-curricular endeavours where we work to inspire women of character and influence. Our sporting program is dynamic and engaging as we aim to strike the balance between participation and excellence, ensuring there is a place for all students. Our sporting programs are based on a model of start, strive and select, three categories that complement the needs of our students, regardless of age, ability or motivation. 


START: we ensure that students have the opportunity to try new sports and regularly step outside their comfort zone to engage in physical literacy programs on a social level, thus developing a fit4life mindset.


STRIVE: once engaged in a program, we encourage students to push their limits and strive to improve. Through appropriate challenges, quality coaching and a supportive environment, we believe our students are well-placed to reach their potential. 


SELECT: for students who are focused on a high level of participation in sport, we provide the solid ground that best supports their ambitions and goals. Through added academic flexibility and effective mentoring and guidance, we make a commitment to supporting our students and helping them achieve their sporting potential.


What’s on offer?


At Saints Girls, we offer a wide range of sporting opportunities including individual sports, invasion games, net and racket sports, and fielding and striking sports. In addition to competitive sporting opportunities, we also offer a fit4life program which provides a platform for students to enjoy non-competitive sport and fitness in a safe space that still promotes physical and mental challenge. Our program is student-centric and whilst we do have a sporting program with a rich history of success, we are always open to hearing the thoughts and suggestions of our students when introducing new sports and challenges to meet their needs.

For more information on our outstanding sporting platform, click here.

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