Annesley College

Annesley College (formerly Methodist Ladies College) is a Uniting Church day and boarding school for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12. The College is distinguished by the sense of community and caring between students, staff and parents. Annesley encourages and fosters the development of confident, articulate and involved young women, with a vision for a positive future and the initiative to make a difference.

Annesley provides well resourced facilities that encompass a broad range of disciplines and encourage focus in specialty areas such as science, performing arts and physical education. Established in 1902, the College has a proud tradition of providing students with opportunities to experiment, learn and strive to achieve their dreams. In 2008, 93% of Annesley graduates gained University entry to their preferred course of study.

Annesley girls are encouraged to explore their abilities and interests through participation in co-curricular activities including team skills and fitness through sport. A wide range of activities is provided so that - just like in academic life - each girl has the opportunity to find her strengths.

Sport at Annesley offers a unique arena in which girls can achieve success. It engages them holistically, not just physically, but also socially, cognitively, and psychologically. They learn within an extended community composed not only of their peers, but of their peers’ families and schools. They are offered an exhilarating, satisfying and rewarding way to participate in a larger world not generally accessible to non-sportswomen. As such, sport at Annesley reflects the College’s commitment to the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Program which emphasises a broad and balanced curriculum.

Annesley College offers a full range of summer and winter sports and most recently has achieved significant success in Aerobics, Netball and Rowing.

For more information visit our website or call our Sports Coordinator on (08) 8422 2251.