IGSSA Extreme Weather Guidelines

Endorsed by the IGSSA Sports Coordinators February 2015


Hot Weather - from the IGSSA policy dated 11th February 2015

This was discussed and agreed upon at the IGSSA meeting (11th Februrary, 2015). Click here to view the policy.

Saturday morning Sport

If the weather is predicted to be 38 degrees or above at 8am on Friday on the Bureau of Meteorology website, Saturday morning sport will be cancelled.

Mid-Week Sport

If the weather is predicted to be 36 degrees at 8am on the Bureau of Meteorology website, that afternoon’s sport will be cancelled.



Inclement Weather

- from the IGSSA meeting 16th May 2013

In the event that mid-week matches are cancelled due to weather or any other unforeseen reason (such as the playing surface deemed unsafe) the decision to cancel will be made by the Director of Sports of the host School who should advise the opposing School(s) as early as practical.




– taken from the SAAS policy November, 2012

Due to the inability to accurately forecast electrical storms and the likelihood of very localised weather patterns it is not possible or practical to create a policy that can be applied to all venues on any particular day. However the following guidelines should be considered and followed;

  • If the weather forecast is for possible thunderstorms/lightning remain vigilant for approaching storms and. /or changing or rapidly deteriorating conditions.
  • If you see lightning apply the “30 – 30 Rule” Count the time from seeing lightning to when accompanying thunder clap is heard. , if less than 30 seconds (storm is less than 10 kms away) go immediately to a safer place. Wait 30 minutes after the last thunder clap before continuing play in an open area.
  • Hearing thunder means that lightning is likely to be within striking range.
  • In the event of thunderstorm/lightning where player/officials/spectator welfare is deemed unsafe by either team coach (or referee) play should be suspended.
  • If conditions improve – remember the 30 – 30 rule and wait 30 minutes, games may recommence. This may require some modification to duration of game.
This policy ratified at the 11th February, 2015 Sports Coordinators meeting.


Junior Sport Codes of Behaviour

(as at 18th August 2011)

IGSSA abides by the Australian Sports Commission's Junior Sport Codes of Behaviour. Click here to view the policy.