Seymour College

Sport at Seymour College

Competitive sport at Seymour College operates in the context of the overall curriculum offering of the school. Sport is seen as an extension and enrichment of Physical Education and it is promoted as an important and desirable activity within the total program of the school.

Through the school sports program students learn and consolidate skills, apply skills and knowledge in group situations, develop an understanding of game strategies and rules, evaluate their own performance and learn to appreciate the value of their own involvement. Ability is tested through competition, and the values of good sportsmanship and cooperative learning are encouraged. The inherent rewards for students are considerable in terms of their physical health, social development and emotional wellbeing. In addition to this, effort and excellence are strongly promoted and publicly recognized.

Intraschool Sport

Sport is offered to girls from Preparatory to Year 12. The extent of their involvement is determined by their age and interest level. Activities include Swimming Carnivals, Sports Day, Clash of the Clans and Tennis championships.

The main objectives of this program include:

  • enjoyment through active participation;
  • consolidation and extension of skills;
  • development of team/class/clan loyalty;
  • acquisition of good sportsmanship and fair play;

Interschool Sport

The interschool program includes:

Year 6 to 12

  • Athletics Netball
  • Badminton Soccer
  • Basketball Squash
  • Cricket Touch Football
  • Cross Country Triathlon (years 8 – 12)
  • Equestrian (all years) Softball
  • Hockey Swimming
  • Lacrosse Tennis
  • Water Polo (years 9 – 12) Volleyball

Students from Years 4 to 12 are eligible to participate in this program. It allows them to select from a wide range of activities, varying from individual sports to team games. Girls of all abilities are catered for through competitive, but supportive, situations.

Similar objectives as for intraschool sport apply for interschool sport. While achieving success in competition is important part of sport at Seymour, emphasis is placed on a commitment to the team, and trying one’s best, as we encourage students of all ages and abilities to investigate and try new sports. It is also intended that students develop positive self esteem and student/school identity through the program, as well as preparing them for productive use of their leisure time.

Additional Activities

Gymnastics Program

Seymour College offers an accredited gymnastics program. Sessions are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for girls in Reception to Year 12 and the requirement is for a year long commitment to one training per week. The program costs approximately $300.00 per year. Girls work towards their levels in gymnastics under the guidelines of Gymnastics Australia with fully qualified instructors. While this is not a competitive gym, there is an opportunity for senior students to compete in the Gym Challenge competition once per year. For any further information, please contact Ms Glenda Green in the Sports Centre.


Rowing is a cocurricular activity that requires a large commitment by both students and parents. Pre season training begins half way through third term for interested Year 8 – 11 students. There is a “Come and Try” fortnight offered during third term for new rowers. Saturday regattas commence in fourth term and culminate in first term of the following year with Head of the River which is a very exciting event. Girls are expected to attend all regattas and training camps as well as four to five training sessions a week. A cost of $1000 - $1200 will be charged per season to cover registration and membership costs. The “Friends of Rowing” are a very active association of parents who help to support rowing activities. For any further information, please contact Mrs Tricia King.

Sport Aerobics

Sport Aerobics is an extra curricular activity that allows students to improve their fitness, confidence , health and self esteem through participation in school competition. The event is structured to cater for the novice, intermediate and elite standard competitor. Students participate in all State competitions and if successful, they have the opportunity to compete in the National Competition. Sport Aerobics requires a large commitment from Term 1 through to the middle of Term 3. Girls are expected to attend all team and fitness trainings. A cost of $200 per year will be charged to cover registration, competition fees and coaching. There are additional costs for leotards, shoes and stockings. For any further information, please contact Ms Robyn Roennfeldt.